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more HIGH QUALITY LEADS, phone calls, and sales for your business

See if you can get all the customers you need for a price that pays for itself many times over.

How We Can Help You Grow Your Business

Get More leads & Enquiries

It all starts with getting good quality leads for you to talk to. You can get as many leads as you need using our proven Google & Facebook marketing systems.

Turn more leads into customers

How do your turn more leads into customers? You need to follow up with them, answer their questions, and prove you can help them. Our automation systems will let you do this with no extra effort from you.

cross sell your products & services 

An easy way to earn more money is to sell extra products or services to your customer when they're buying - or just after they've bought. You can automate this process so you can increase your sales value by 10-30%.

educate your prospects

One of the best things you can do to increase your sales as well as your prices is to educate your customers. You become their trusted advocate and advisor. We can help you build an automatic prospect education system to convert more leads into customers.

get 5 star customer reviews with no effort

Good customer reviews are vital to growing your business. So rather than hoping they'll come in, why not build a system collects them from customers automatically? We can set up automatic incentive systems that get customers to leave reviews across multiple platforms, including Google and Facebook.

automatically qualify great customers

Does your business need leads that meet a strict criteria? We can help you design a process that lets you eliminate irrelevant leads and only deal with the ones that meet your criteria.

get referrals from existing customers

Most business owners agree their best customers come from referrals from previous customers. So why not capitalise on this? There's a way you can automatically ask your customers for referrals and give them an incentive to do it. In some cases this strategy alone can double your sales.

REACTIVATE old customers

Decades of research shows that it's much, much easier to get an existing customer to buy than to convert a cold new customer. So if you want a fast cash windfall, we can help you create a campaign that reactivates your old customers and brings in sales quickly.

Have You Tried Google or Facebook Ads, But Had Disappointing Results?

There are just 3 reasons why paid traffic campaigns fail. This free guide will show you what they are and what you can do to fix them. You'll also get detailed checklists to help you turn a money pit campaign into a 24 hour cash machine.



If your business turns over between £1M and £3M per year - or has fewer than 20 employees - our small business plans may help you. From just £595/month, we'll help you get cash coming in fast, so you can grow quickly and predictably.



For businesses with over 20 employees and a turnover of at least £3M per year. Your business may qualify for a free strategy session worth £1495. Book an initial 15 minute chat to see if your business qualifies.

Digital Marketing Strategies To Help You Grow Your Business


We'll help you design and code your perfect website. But it won't just look pretty. Our design team build conversion focused sites that attract customers, not just compliments.


Copywriting is writing words that make people buy. Online, this is important because it’s the glue that holds the rest of your marketing together. Get this right, and your business will fly.


You can use automation systems to follow up with your leads, on-board new customers, upsell your products and services, and get referrals or reviews from existing customers. It's one of the most underused but effective marketing tools around.


Pay per click marketing such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads is a great way to get the phone ringing fast. In as little as a week you can have new customers and money in the bank.


Search engine optimisation is a great long term strategy to get new, high quality customers. You can use the data gathered from pay per click advertising to laser target your search engine optimisation campaigns.


Conversion rate optimisation is getting more people who come to your website to "convert". This could mean filling out a contact form, phoning you, or making a purchase directly on your site. This is one of the highest return on investment marketing activities you can do.

Platforms & Services We Work With

What Our Clients Say About Working With Lane Consultancy

“I first met George when I decided to take the plunge with a Google adwords campaign. I had heard great things about how it could generate hot leads for my karting business, but as a fool rushed in without taking professional advice. 3 weeks later I contacted George and hey presto!! Within a week he had reworked my whole campaign and the hot leads came flooding in. In the first 3 months we increased turnover by 33% and have not looked back. We now receive over 800 leads a month through our adwords campaigns and we continue to grow despite the credit crunch. If it is Google adwords advice you are looking for, look no further than George Lane.I have no hesitation in recommending George, both personally and professionally.” 

Giles Murray

Owner - Lakeside & Brentwood Karting

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